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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Articulation Agreements

Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW) supports students who begin their academic career at other institutions via our robust transfer policies. Faculty and leaders in specific departments have created articulation agreements with institutions in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Ohio for specific programs. These agreements are designed to serve students who earn their Associate Degree in a designated field of study.  We also follow state regulations by offering a number of Transfer Single Articulation Pathway (TSAP) program options (see below).

Please use the links below to learn more about each program. 

PFW Created Articulation Agreements:

Applied Science (B.A.S.) - we have agreements with 13 institutions in Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Ohio.  See for a list of institutions.  See also Applied Science (B.A.S.)  for a sample 2-year plan

Art (B.A.)   - agreement with Ivy Tech Community College (statewide)

Construction Management (B.S.)   - agreement with Ivy Tech Community College (statewide)

General Studies (B.G.S.)   - agreement with Rhodes State College (OH)

Hospitality Management (B.S.)   - agreement with Ivy Tech Community College (statewide)

Industrial Engineering Technology (B.S.)   - agreement with Ivy Tech Community College (statewide)

TSAP - Indiana Transfer Single Articulation Pathway

Since 2013, the Commission for Higher Education has worked with state institutions in Indiana to create single articulation pathways (known as the Transfer Single Articulation Pathway or TSAP) in specific content areas.  The courses mapped for a TSAP associate’s degree are based upon a set of competencies agreed upon across all of the public institutions and are the minimum competencies for transfer in this major.  For more information about the majors the state has selected for this program, view “Single Articulation Pathways” on this ICHE web page.

It is important that individual students review the published TSAP admission criteria at the specific university/campus to which they wish to transfer. Understanding admission and degree requirements will facilitate student success. Purdue Fort Wayne is committed to the success of TSAP students, and student success is a three-way partnership among students and the academic advisors at both institutions. A lack of communication after students enroll in a TSAP could result in a misunderstanding of the admission requirements to a specific four-year institution and/or TSAP program, such as minimum grades, specific course sequences, etc., and such misunderstanding could affect the time to graduation. Thus, successfully completing a public 2-year TSAP degree track is neither a guarantee of admission to a public 4-year institution nor a guarantee of admission to an aligned degree program at the public 4-year institution, since Purdue Fort Wayne program-specific requirements are not covered by the TSAP agreements. 

To take advantage of this program at Purdue Fort Wayne, students must meet established admission criteria for the university and the respective major. For information about the implementation of this program at Purdue Fort Wayne and the related Purdue Fort Wayne majors, use the links below:


TSAP in Accounting (B.S.B.)  

TSAP in Biology (B.S.)  

TSAP in Business Economics (B.S.B)  

TSAP in Chemistry (B.S.)  

TSAP in Chemistry (B.S.C.)  

TSAP in Computer Science (B.S.)   

TSAP in Criminal Justice (B.S.C.J.)     

TSAP in Early Childhood Education (B.S.Ed.) (B-5, nonlicensure)  

TSAP in Early Childhood Education (B.S.Ed.) (P-3, licensure)  

TSAP in Electrical Engineering Technology (B.S.)  

TSAP in Elementary Education (B.S.Ed.)  

TSAP in Finance (B.S.B.)  

TSAP in Human Services (B.S.)   

TSAP in Information Technology (B.S.)   

TSAP in Management (B.S.B.)   

TSAP in Marketing (B.S.B.)  

TSAP in Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E., Ivy Tech)  

TSAP in Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E., VU)   

TSAP in Mechanical Engineering Technology (B.S.)  

TSAP in Money and Banking (B.S.B.)  

TSAP in Psychology (B.A., Ivy Tech)  

TSAP in Psychology (B.A., VU)  

TSAP in Psychology (B.S., Ivy Tech)  

TSAP in Psychology (B.S., VU)  

TSAP in Sociology (B.A., VU)   


Special TSAP Programs:

TSAP in Biology Teaching (Dual Degree)  

TSAP in Chemistry Teaching (Dual Degree)  

TSAP in Mathematics Teaching (Dual Degree)