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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Women’s Studies Minor

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Program:  B.A.
Women’s Studies Program
Department of Political Science  
College of Arts and Sciences

Liberal Arts Building 209 ~ 260-481-6688

Program Director:  Janet Badia, Department of Political Science

Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary area of study that examines gender and its intersections with other categories of identity, including race and ethnicity, sexuality, class, nationality, and disability.  As such, it provides students the opportunity to integrate knowledge across  diverse academic disciplines, to understand gender within both historical and contemporary contexts, and to develop approaches to investigation, analysis, and research that reflect the complex nature of how gender operates in our lives, how systems of power and oppression function, and how individuals and organizations can bring about meaningful social change.

Declaring this Minor:

  • Declare this minor within the Department of Political Science  which is the administrative home for the Women’s Studies program, or through your major department
  • Students cannot declare a major and a minor in the same program

Program Requirements:

  • The catalog term for the minor will match that of your major degree program
  • At least 6 credits must be earned as resident credit at the 200+ level or above
  • You must earn a grade of C- or higher for all courses required in the minor

To earn the minor in Women’s Studies, you must fulfill the following requirements in addition to those noted above:

Core Requirements

Supporting Courses: Credits 6

  • Choose one course from cross-referenced courses offered in humanities or fine arts:  ENGL 47201, 47800, 57301, HIST 26000, PHIL 30500, REL 31500, WOST 22500 or 30200
  • Choose one course from cross-referenced courses offered in social sciences or sciences:  ANTH 40200, BIOL 25000, COM 41000, 42200, POL 32400, 32800, PSY 34500, 36500 or WOST 24000

Additional Courses: Credits 6

  • Choose additional credits in WOST prefixed or cross-referenced courses from the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, or sciences as listed above.

Total Credits: 15

Student Responsibility

You are responsible for satisfying the graduation requirements specified for your selected program.  Thus, it is essential that you develop a thorough understanding of the required courses, academic policies and procedures governing your academic career.  All requests for exceptions to specific requirements must be made in writing and may be granted only by written approval from the appropriate chair or dean.

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