Sep 21, 2021  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Music Performance Certificate

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The Music Performance Certificate program will provide students with additional training and experiences to deepen and enrich their music performance skills as both soloists and members of musical ensembles. It will also deepen and enrich their ability to communicate musical ideas through written and oral communication. Coursework will focus on applied study, ensembles, entrepreneurship training, experience in pedagogy, theory and history and a culminating lecture recital capstone project. Weekly performance class, studio classes, master classes and co curricular experiences with musical organizations will greatly assist in developing student competency. International students pairing their musical training with intensive study in as ESL program will also prepare their English skills for the requirements of top graduate music programs.

Student learning outcomes for this program are:

  • Demonstrate technical mastery of a primary instrument including tone production, expression, and articulation.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of musical forms and structures through performance and discussion.
  • Demonstrate advanced performance practice knowledge and skill applied to a primary instrument and repertory.
  • Demonstrate mastery of ensemble performance skill.
  • Demonstrate basic pedagogical skill for their primary instrument.
  • Demonstrate  knowledge of standard literature for the primary instrument.

Declaring this Certificate:

  • Declare this certificate with the School of Music.

Program Requirements:

  • Successful audition for applied music faculty members.
  • Be formally admitted to Purdue University Fort Wayne.
  • Due to the nature of instruction in the common language of music, the TOEFL score requirement for international students entering this program is 70. Some students may enroll in a summer ELS program under conditional admission at the end of which they can begin the certificate program in the fall semester. For English native speakers, admission will follow all university guidelines for admission to the programs.
  • No transfer credit towards this certificate will be accepted. 
  • All coursework for the certificate must be completed within three years. 
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 and no course below a C- for the certificate.
  • Courses in this certificate program cannot be used to fulfill any other certificate but may be used in a future graduate degree in music where applicable.
  • Students who pursue this certificate post-baccalaureate, must first be formally admitted to Purdue University Fort Wayne. 

To earn the Music Performance Certificate, you must fulfill the following requirements in addition to those noted above:

Program Requirements: Credits 18

Performance Studies (8 credits)

Applied Primary Instrument or Voice  (2 Semesters) (4 cr.)

  • MUSC 40000 Percussion
  • MUSC 40001 Guitar
  • MUSC  40003 Piano
  • MUSC 40004 Voice
  • MUSC 40007 Harp
  • MUSC  41000 Horn
  • MUSC 41002 Violin
  • MUSC 41004 Flute
  • MUSC 42000 Trumpet
  • MUSC 42002 Viola
  • MUSC 42003 Oboe
  • MUSC 43000 Trombone
  • MUSC 43001 Cello
  • MUSC 43002 Clarinet
  • MUSC 44000 Euphonium
  • MUSC 44001 Double Bass
  • MUSC 44002 Bassoon
  • MUSC 45000 Tuba
  • MUSC 45001 Saxophone
  • MUSC 09500 Performance Class     (2 Semesters) (0 cr.)   
  • MUSC 41900 Certificate Recital       (1 cr.)  
  • MUSC 44500, 43100, 44600 Instrumental, Song, or Keyboard Literature  (3 cr.) 

Professional Music Courses (6 credits) 

Choose from upper level music academic courses in theory or musicology at discretion of the advisor.   

  • MUSC 31500 Analysis of Musical Form
  • MUSC 42002 Readings in Musicology
  • MUSC 39300 History of Jazz
  • MUSC 40300 History of Music I
  • MUSC 40401 History of Music II
  • MUSC 43100 Song Literature
  • MUSC 44300 Keyboard Literature
  • MUSC 44600 Keyboard Literature II

Music Ensembles (4 credits)  

Choose from music ensemble offerings at the discretion of the advisor.

  • MUSC 42004 Small Ensembles
  • MUSC 45002 String Ensembles
  • MUSC 45200 Keyboard Chamber Ensembles
  • MUSC 46000 Woodwind Ensembles
  • MUSC 47001 Opera Ensemble
  • MUSC 49001 Percussion Ensembles
  • MUSC 04100 Symphonic Wind Ensemble
  • MUSC  04200 Jazz Ensemble
  • MUSC 04300 Orchestra
  • MUSC 07100 University Singers
  • MUSC 07200 Chamber Singers
  • MUSC 34100 Guitar Ensemble

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