Jun 14, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

What’s New?

Listed below are academic changes that have been made after the 2024-2025 PFW University catalog was published.

Please see your advisor if you have any questions.


Academic Regulation 1.2.1 (Resident Credit) was updated to define resident credit as “credit earned at Purdue University Fort Wayne.”

Academic Regulation 4.0 (Academic Honesty) was updated to add information on Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Specifically, “The term “unauthorized materials” includes those identified by the instructor” and “The instructor is responsible for providing students with a written course-level policy regarding the authorized/unauthorized usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI).”

Academic Regulation 5.0 (Final Examinations and Instructors’ Grade Reports) was updated to clarify that the regulations apply to 16-week courses. 

Academic Regulation 9.4 (Academic notice, separation, and readmission) was updated to change the language.

AD - Academic Dismissal is now Academic Separation

AP -  Academic Probation is now Academic Notice

CP - Continued Probation is now Continued Notice

Academic Regulation 10.4 (Graduation with Distinction) was updated such that “a candidate for the bachelor’s degree with distinction must have a minimum of 60 resident credits included in the computation of the cumulative GPA.”


Programs (New for Fall 2024):

3-Year Program Options

Three programs now offer opportunities to complete the degree by following a 3-Year sequence of courses.  These programs include Anthropology, English, and Sociology.  You can learn more about the sequence of courses by going to the appropriate Program Description page: Anthropology (B.A.) English (B.A.) , and Sociology (B.A.) . Each program remains at 120 credits.

French Minor:

Admission to the French minor has stopped.  No students are being admitted at this time.


Forensic Investigations Minor:

This minor should be declared within the Department of Criminal Justice and Public Administration. The minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours or 6 courses with a 2.00 grade point average. The 6 courses include 4 required courses and 2 electives. At least 9 credits must be earned as resident credits at the 2000+ level or above.

Required courses:

o CRIM 10100 - The American Criminal Justice System

o CRIM 22200 - Introduction to Criminalistics

o CRIM 34800 - Criminal Investigation

o PSY 33200 - Forensic Psychology or LING 2xx - Forensic Linguistics

CRIM 10100 (The American Criminal Justice System) is a prerequisite to all CRIM courses and requires a grade of C- or better. This course can also be completed as part of the General Education requirements (B.5) or the College of Liberal Arts Thematic Area C.

Elective Courses:

o AD 20201 - Introduction to Photography

o HSRV 10500 - Basic Interviewing Skills

o HSRV 35000 - Drugs and Society

o ANTH 42600 - Human Osteology

o SOCI 20100 - Sociology of Serial Killing

o CRIM 20100 - Causes of Crime (only for non-criminal justice majors)


Organizational Leadership - Sports Leadership, BS

The Sports Leadership concentration will be comprised of 18 credit hours. The first three courses* in the list below are required; students will then choose three of the other four courses on the list. If new courses are being created, all course proposals must be completed in order to add to this block. (note any that are variable title):

o OLS 33800 Leadership in Sports

o OLS 39900 Sports Law

o OLS 47700 Conflict Management

o POL 25200 Sports and Public Policy

o HTM 33400 Introduction to Sports Event Management

o HIST 37701 The History of American Sports

o COM 32102 Principles of Public Relations


5 Year Combined Degree Program in Music Industry (BSM/MBA) New Concentration:

Business Analytics Concentration:

Human Resources concentration:




BIOL 10105 - Biology Based Chemistry

BIOL 51602 - Advanced Genetics Lab

CS 52400 - Expert System

IDIS 49100 - Special Topics In Interdisciplinary Studies

ITC 18000 - Intro To Computer Security

ITC 32200 - Incident Response Management

ITC 32800 - Intrusion Detection

ITC 41500 - Cryptography

ITC 41700 - Digital Forensics

PSY 47400 - Neuropsychological Assessment Of Human Memory

SOC 20600 - Sociology Of Gender And Sexuality

Articulation Agreements:

PFW has created new articulation agreements with Ivy Tech Community College and Northwest State Community College.  These agreements cover multiple programs.  See Articulation Agreements  for specific details about individual programs.