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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Guaranteed Admission Agreement

Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW) and Ivy Tech Community College (ITCC) have a “Guaranteed Admission Agreement.”  This agreement offers ITCC Associate level graduates direct admissions to programs at PFW. It provides the opportunity for students in each of the programs identified below, who enroll and complete the Associate degree and meet any other stated eligibility requirements, guaranteed successful admission into the Bachelor degree program in the connected program of study. Programs which require additional or separate program applications are not part of guaranteed admissions.

Guaranteed Admission to PFW will require the following:

  1. Complete an Associate degree at Ivy Tech Community College. For AA and AS degrees, the ICC completion must notate on student’s ITCC transcript. AAS students are not required to complete the full ICC; however, if ICC completion is notated on the student’s ITCC transcript, it will be honored.  Students are encouraged to apply early to PFW (at least 6 months in advance) and submit official Ivy Tech transcripts for maximum scholarship and housing considerations.
  2. Earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher in the AAS, AA, or AS degree at Ivy Tech Community College.
  3. Once enrolled at PFW, students will be subject to all PFW academic policies and student code of conduct as is the case for all other admitted students.
  4. Students who are admitted under this GAA will be awarded no less than 60 semester hours of transfer credit toward their bachelor’s degree. Students must have earned a “C-” or better in each course in order to transfer the course/credits to PFW. Students may be required to complete more than 120 total credits (or more than 60 credits at PFW) if courses have not been maximized at Ivy Tech, if the student did not select the most degree-applicable courses, or if it articulates to a dual degree program. In addition, Academic Advisors may recommend, after a transcript evaluation, that a student take additional course work to ensure student success.  Students must also meet PFW’s minimum grade requirements for specific courses, minimum program grade point averages, and other specified program requirements (e.g., licensure or accreditation criteria).   
  5. Students who complete an associate degree at ITCC and then apply for admission to PFW in another program of study are not covered by this GAA.
  6. Transfer courses do not count in a student’s grade point average at PFW. However, students with dual-enrollment or prior credit within the Purdue system will have an established GPA.
  7. Some programs that lead to a license or credential may require a criminal background check. Students with prior criminal misconduct may not qualify if certain offenses appear on the background check.

Programs that qualify under this program include Transfer as a Junior (TSAP) programs and program articulation agreements that are specific to PFW and ITCC.

Transfer As A Junior pathways:

  • Accounting:  AS in Business Administration TSAP to Accounting BSB
  • Biology: AS in Biology TSAP to Biology BS
  • Business Economics:  AS in Business Administration TSAP to Business Economics BSB
  • Chemistry:  AS in Chemistry TSAP to Chemistry BS or Chemistry BSC
  • Computer Science: AS in Computer Science TSAP to Computer Science BS
  • Criminal Justice: AS in Criminal Justice TSAP to Criminal Justice BSPA
  • Early Childhood Education: AS in Early Childhood Education TSAP to Early Childhood Education BSED (licensure and non-licensure programs)
  • Electrical Engineering Technology: AS in Electrical Engineering Technology TSAP to Electrical Engineering Technology BS
  • Elementary Education:  AS in Elementary Education TSAP to Elementary Education BSED
  • Finance:  AS in Business Administration TSAP to Finance BSB
  • Human Services: AS in Human Services (with Human Services track) TSAP to Human Services BS
  • Information Technology: AS in Informatics TSAP to Information Technology BS
  • Management:  AS in Business Administration TSAP to Management BSB
  • Marketing:  AS in Business Administration TSAP to Marketing BSB
  • Mechanical Engineering: AS in Mechanical Engineering TSAP to Mechanical Engineering B.S.M.E.
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology: AS in Mechanical Engineering Technology TSAP to Mechanical Engineering Technology BS
  • Money and Banking:  AS in Business Administration TSAP to Money and Banking BSB
  • Psychology: AA in Psychology TSAP to Psychology BA or BS

Special TSAP Agreements:

  • Secondary Biology: AS in Secondary Education - Biology TSAP to Dual Degree in Biology BS and Secondary Education BSED
  • Secondary Chemistry: AS in Secondary Education - Chemistry TSAP to Dual Degree in Chemistry BS and Secondary Education BSED
  • Secondary Mathematics: AS in Secondary Education - Mathematics TSAP to Dual Degree in Mathematics BS and Secondary Education BSED

PFW and ITCC Articulation Agreements:

  • Applied Science: AAS in any content area to Applied Science BAS with a concentration area
  • Art and Design: AS in Visual Communication to Art BA
  • Construction: AS in Building Construction Management to Construction Management BS
  • Hospitality: AS in Hospitality Administration to Hospitality Management BS
  • Industrial Engineering Technology: AS in Engineering Technology to Industrial Engineering Technology BS