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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Health Communication, Certificate (Post-Baccalaureate)

Program:  Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Health Communication
Department of Communication
College of Liberal Arts

Neff Hall 230 ~ 260-481-6825

Michelle Kelsey, Chair
Steven Carr, Graduate Program Director

The post-baccalaureate certificate in Health Communication is designed to educate students to become better communicators with the healthcare sector.  Students will learn about epidemiology, health communication, and organizational leadership.  Students will have the opportunity to focus their education in family health, public health, health policy and health organizations.  This post-baccalaureate certificate prepares students to work in various sectors of health care and will enhance current health care employees’ communication skills.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Work with individuals of various cultural backgrounds to maintain a climate of mutual respect and shared values.
  2. Use the knowledge of one’s own role to aid medical professionals in appropriate assessing and addressing the health care needs of patients and promoting and advancing the health of populations.
  3. Communicate with patients, families, communities, and professionals in health and other fields in a responsive and responsible manner that supports a team approach to the promotion and maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of disease.
  4. Apply relationship-building values and the principles of team dynamics to perform effectively in different team roles to plan, deliver, and evaluate patient/population-centered care, and population health programs.
  5. Understand, develop, and effectively communicate policies that are safe, timely, efficient, effective, and equitable.

Declaring this Certificate:

Gainful Employment Disclosure:

Program Requirements:

  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for successful completion
  • A grade of B- or higher in each course is required
  • At least 9 credit hours must be earned as resident credit
  • Only 9 hours from a Master of Arts (MA) or a Master of Science (MS) degree can overlap with credits taken for this certificate

Required Courses: Credits 9

Total Credits: 18

Student Responsibility

Student Responsibility

You are responsible for satisfying the graduation requirements specified for your selected program.  Thus, it is essential that you develop a thorough understanding of the required courses, academic policies and procedures governing your academic career.  If you cannot complete all program requirements by your stated graduation date but fail to remove those from your plan of study, the Registrar’s Office in consultation with your academic advisor will remove unmet pursuits from your plan of study.    All requests for exceptions to specific requirements must be made in writing and may be granted only by written approval from the Graduate Director.