May 17, 2022  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Spanish for the Professions Minor

Program: Minor
Department of International Language and Culture Studies  
College of Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Building 267 ~ 260-481-6836

This minor offers a more professionalized and slightly more advanced option to students who wish not only to build their proficiency in Spanish, but also add to their major area of study an awareness of the ethics related to language use in professional contexts. Students will gain global awareness and cultural competence in applied professional contexts through completion of a practicum. Students with the minor in Spanish for the Professions will have the option to complete an internship where they put their language skills into professional practice in the community or to prepare a professional portfolio with samples of their Spanish language skills that can be presented to employers.

Declaring this Minor:

  • Declare this minor within the Department of International Language and Culture Studies  or through your major department
  • Students cannot declare a major and a minor in the same program
  • Students who declare a minor in Spanish for the Professions may not declare another Spanish minor

Program Requirements:

  • The catalog term for the minor will match that of your major degree program
  • At least 6 credits must be earned as resident credit at the 2000+ level or above
  • You must earn a grade of C- or higher for all courses required in the minor
  • A minor is not awarded if requirements are not completed by the time your major degree is certified for graduation

To earn the minor in Spanish for the Professions, you must fulfill the following requirements in addition to those noted above:

Core Requirements

Pre-requisites may be necessary for some courses.  You can check for pre-requisites in the Course Descriptions  section of the catalog or click on the course links.

Required Spanish Courses: Credits 7

  • SPAN 32100 - Ethics of Language use in Professional Practice  Cr. 3.
  • SPAN 20600 - Practicum in Spanish  Cr. 1.
  • Choose one of the following Spanish for the Professions courses:

  • Cr. 2-3.
  • SPAN 31800 - Introduction to Translation  Cr. 3.
  • SPAN 31900 - Introduction to Interpretation  Cr. 3.
  • Cr. 3.
  • SPAN 32500 - Spanish for Engineering and Technology  Cr. 3.
  • SPAN 32600 - Spanish for Advocacy and Social Services  Cr. 3.
  • SPAN 39800 - Special Topics in Spanish  Cr. 3. *
  • *Note:  As a variable title topics course, SPAN 39800 must be approved by the ILCS Department Chair to ensure the topic offered fits within the Spanish for the Professions course requirements.

Additional Course Requirement: Credits 3

Choose one additional SPAN course from the Spanish for the Professions list above, or any other SPAN course at the 3000+ level.

Study Abroad

Students choosing the Spanish for the Professions minor program are encouraged to study abroad as one potential pathway to increase their language proficiency, global cultural awareness and intercultural competence. There are a variety of affordable programs available on many different schedules. Contact an ILCS faculty member, the ILCS main office or the campus Study Abroad advisor to begin learning more about these opportunities.

Total Credits: 19

Student Responsibility

You are responsible for ensuring that you satisfy all graduation requirements specified for each selected program.  Thus, it is essential that you develop a thorough understanding of the required courses, academic policies, and procedures governing your academic career.  If you cannot complete all program requirements by your stated graduation date but fail to remove those from your plan of study, the Registrar’s Office in consultation with your academic advisor will remove unmet pursuits from your plan of study. Changing curricular records during the graduation term of application may affect state or federal financial aid awards. All requests for exceptions to specific requirements must be made in writing and may be granted only by written approval from the appropriate chair or dean.