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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Visual And Performing Arts Pathway

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Program:  Pathway
Department:  Student Success And Transitions
School/College:  Unit of Affiliated Programs

Kettler Hall 112 ~ 260-481-0404

Purdue University Fort Wayne and Student Success and Transitions (SST) care about the futures of all of our students. To that end, the Pathway Program was implemented in 2016 to allow students a more targeted approach to choosing a major. We recognize the importance and often times difficulty in making this decision - you are not alone. The staff in SST assists students in exploring options and connecting with faculty and staff in academic departments, by promoting analysis and exploration through an individualized pathway plan.

Students who choose the Engineering and Science Pathway enjoy solving problems and are generally very analytical, linear, rational, and theoretical. Many seek to understand things on a higher level - why things work the way that they do, not simply how they work. Those who choose this pathway enjoy complex puzzles and games that involve strategy and love the challenge of applying scientific/logical methods to solve problems. Most within this pathway excel in math and data analysis and/or have an interest in understanding more about the world in which we live. Research in areas such as the natural world, environment, human body, computer programming, and other technical systems are generally of interest to students who choose this pathway.

Program Delivery:

  • Students may take advantage of the wide variety of daytime, evening, weekend, hybrid, and online courses at Purdue Fort Wayne. See an advisor for more information.

Declaring This Major:

  • Students may declare by visiting the SST office and meeting with an advisor.

General Requirements:

Program Requirements:

Academic planning is essential!

Academic advisors help  ensure that the classes you choose to take align with placement test results, interests, previously earned credits and requirements for the general education and any majors you may be  considering. Students should meet with their advisor at least once per semester.

Suggested Courses:  Credits 30

  • Gen Ed A1 - Written Communication - ENGL 13100 or GA1
  • Gen Ed A2 - Speaking and Listening - COM 11400, THTR 11400 or GA2
  • Gen Ed A3 - Quantitative Reasoning - MA 14000, STAT 12500 or GA3
  • Gen Ed B4 - Scientific Ways of Knowing - GB4 
  • Gen Ed B5 - Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing - PSY 12000 or GB5
  • Gen Ed B6 - Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing - GB6 
  • Gen Ed B7 - Interdisciplinary of Creative Ways of Knowing - ENGL 19000 or GB7
  • Pathway Courses - AD 11201 or MUSC 10500 and any other courses recommended by advisor
  • Students interested in teaching should consider EDU 20000, ask advisor for details.

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