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2013-2014 Graduate Bulletin 
2013-2014 Graduate Bulletin [Archived Catalog]

Organizational Leadership, Graduate Certificate

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Purdue University
Organizational Leadership, Graduate-Level Certificate in

Division of Organizational Leadership and Supervision
College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science
Linda M. Hite, Chair

Max U. Montesino, Graduate Program Director
260-481-6420 ~
Neff Hall 288

The Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership is based on the core of the Organizational Leadership and Supervision master’s degree program. The courses combine theory and practice to yield a combination that is immediately applicable to the workplace and builds a foundation for more specialized study for those interested in advanced work.

The organizational leadership graduate certificate is designed for:

  • those with advanced degrees in other fields or students currently enrolled in other graduate programs seeking to augment their studies in the theory and practice of leadership and/or human resources.
  • working adults with bachelor’s degrees who want advanced knowledge and skills in leadership and human resources, but are not prepared to commit to a master’s degree program.

The certificate allows students to begin graduate level study with a specific goal without requiring the commitment of time and financial resources necessary to pursue master’s level study. It includes much of the foundational coursework required for the master’s degree in OLS, and provides the option to continue for a master’s, using up to 12 credit hours earned as a graduate certificate student. 

Through the required courses, students in the OLS graduate certificate program will develop their abilities to:

  • identify ways to assess and enhance organizational climate and culture
  • understand the complexity and interrelated nature of organizational phenomena
  • identify practices that promote teamwork as well as personal and organizational effectiveness

Admission Requirements

In addition to admission requirements for OLS graduate study, these guidelines apply for the Organizational Leadership certificate:

  • Students who are currently admitted to any Purdue or Indiana University graduate degree program at IPFW are eligible to earn the certificate if they are approved for admission to the program through the Division of Organizational Leadership and Supervision.
  • Students who are not currently admitted to the Purdue Graduate School must apply for admission in the Division of Organizational Leadership and Supervision.
  • Students already enrolled in the OLS master’s degree program are not eligible for the certificate. Students who initially enroll in the certificate program may apply for the OLS master’s near completion of the certificate requirements or after the certificate has been granted. A maximum of 12 credit hours earned in the certificate may be applied to a master’s degree.
  • Students may take a maximum of six OLS graduate credit hours prior to admission to the certificate program that may be counted toward completion of the certificate.
  • If approved by the OLS Graduate Admissions Committee, a maximum of three graduate-level transfer credits may be applied to the requirements for the certificate.

 For further information, contact Dr. Linda Hite, OLS Graduate Program Director, phone: 260-481-6416, e-mail:

Certificate Requirements (15 credit hours)

Total Credits: 15

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