Aug 18, 2022  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Anthropology and Sociology

Department of Anthropology and Sociology
College of Liberal Arts

Kettler Hall G11 ~ 260-481-6272 

Hal Odden, Chair
Doug Kline, Lead Advisor
Amy Carter, Administrative Assistant

Courses in Anthropology provide an understanding of the nature of cultures and help you assess various explanations of human behavior.  They also assist in the development of your analytical and critical abilities.  The curriculum is structured to include studies in the history and theory of anthropology in four anthropological fields:  ethnology, archeology, bioanthropology, linguistics; in at least two different world ethnographic areas; and in topical specializations.  This program will help you prepare for graduate study, for teaching, and for various careers in which the understanding of cultures is an asset.

Although a minor is not required for the Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, an outside concentration is highly recommended.  Fifteen credits in history, political science, psychology, or sociology support the major. 


Liberal Arts Building 241 ~ 260-481-6842

Hal Odden, Chair
Donna Holland, Lead Advisor and Center for Social Research Director
Amy Carter, Administrative Assistant

Courses in Sociology provide an understanding of society and of the relationship between the individual and society.  Studies in sociology help to prepare you for graduate school and for careers in the social services, law, human relations, criminal justice, government, education, and mass media.  In order to effectively plan a course of study that will best meet your educational and career objectives, you will be assigned an advisor as soon as you declare a major in sociology.

Although a minor is not required for the Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, study in an outside area is highly recommended.  Anthropology, computer science, economics, history, labor studies, political science, psychology, organizational leadership, and women’s studies courses support the major.  For details, see Program Descriptions  in this catalog.