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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

BUS 40400 - Social, Legal, And Ethical Implications Of Business Decisions

Covers topics in corporate social responsibility and the social control of business; the major ethical theories relevant to determining that responsibility; and applications of those theories in areas such as financial management, competition, marketing, advertising, the environment, employer-employee relations, and the international arena. The course addresses some of the major questions about the ethical responsibilities of businesses. Should a business just look out for its “bottom line,” or should it look out for its employees, customers, community, and environment, too? When a business operates in a foreign country, is it morally obligated to pay wages that would be considered fair in America, or is it enough to abide by local laws and regulations? and how can the ethical point of view shed light on disasters such as the Challenger explosion?

Preparation for Course
P: BUS 30100, BUS 30101, BUS 30102, BUS 30200, BUS 32100 and Senior Class Standing

Cr. 3.
Enrollment in business (BUS) courses numbered 30100 and above is restricted to students who meet established criteria: business majors who have met the pre-business requirements and been admitted into one of the business majors; or students that have declared other pre-approved programs or minors which require particular business courses, and completed all course prerequisites; or students that have obtained written permission from the department through which the course is offered.