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2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

General Information


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Welcome to graduate studies at Purdue University Fort Wayne. You have chosen to attend the premier center for academic excellence in northeast Indiana. Purdue Fort Wayne offers more academic and extracurricular opportunities than any other higher education institution in the region.

Purdue Fort Wayne offers several challenging and exciting graduate programs for those seeking to further their education. The Purdue commitments to excellence in teaching, research, and service are reflected in all of our graduate programs. The university takes advantage of the latest technologies in order to enhance information exchange, classroom instruction, research, and communications. Purdue University carries traditions of distinction in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, business, education, engineering, technology, and computer science.

Purdue Fort Wayne provides access to an excellent education through academic diversity, flexibility, and affordability. Purdue Fort Wayne students have access to superior research, academic, and extracurricular pursuits. The University is committed to the continued educational, economic, and cultural development of its 11-county service area.

More than 8 ,100 degree-seeking students are enrolled in more than 200 academic programs. The University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as certificate options. Some 19 ,000 additional students pursue noncredit continuing education courses. A majority of  the growing alumni network of 60,000 live and work in northeast Indiana, contributing to the region’s economy, vitality, and intellectual strength.

Purdue Fort Wayne’s graduate programs and courses are delivered through four colleges, or schools:

  College of Arts and Sciences
  College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science
  College of Professional Studies
  Doermer School of Business 

The University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Various colleges, schools, divisions, and programs have earned additional accreditation through professional societies.

Purdue Fort Wayne is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools and the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools.

  Office of Graduate Studies

Mission. The mission of the Purdue Fort Wayne Office of Graduate Studies is to facilitate offering a range of distinctive graduate programs, especially targeted professional master’s degree programs, important to the social, economic, cultural, and intellectual life of northeast Indiana.

Vision. Purdue Fort Wayne will fulfill its roles as a comprehensive, public university and the largest provider of higher education in northeast Indiana through strategic visioning and accountability for graduate education services. Through collaborations with other campuses and organizations, including civic and corporate, Purdue Fort Wayne will assess and respond to the graduate education needs of vital social, economic, cultural, and intellectual institutions and communities throughout the region.

Its programs will be of demonstrated quality and recognized nationally for the marriage of practical and liberal education, especially education that develops professional expertise based upon the cultivation of the skills of discovery and synthesis that support problem solving and innovation. To achieve this status, graduate programs at Purdue Fort Wayne will be known for challenging, active-learning curricula that are based in research and field experience; a community of creative, motivated students and faculty; student and faculty involvement in research supported by grants and contracts; and rigorous program evaluation that includes professional placement and success of graduates.

Graduates will be prepared to fulfill individual and collective responsibilities and goals and will model advancements in production, services, and professional practice in the industrial, corporate, social service, civic, education, and other sectors of society.

Carol S. Sternberger
Director of Graduate Studies
Kettler Hall, Room 174
Fax: 260-481-5773

 Graduate Director’s Welcome

The Office of Graduate Studies at Purdue Fort Wayne provides an ever-growing array of programs ideally suited to serve the educational needs of northeast Indiana. Graduate education serves three vital functions for our community. First, graduate education is an important component of workforce development, providing the high-level skills and abilities required in the marketplace. Secondly, graduate education supports the development of the education infrastructure, providing teachers, professors, and administrators with the knowledge and skills they require to shape the future of education in the region and the country. And finally, graduate education offers the opportunity for discovery and re-discovery, creating new knowledge to help us understand our rapidly changing world.

Through the Office of Graduate Studies, Purdue University Fort Wayne addresses all of these vital functions. The MBA provides the advanced study required in the corporate community, while our programs in education serve teachers, administrators, and professional staff in K-12 schools across the region. The public administration program prepare graduates to work in the public sector, while professional communication graduates work as communication specialists in both public and private organizations. Advanced scientific and technical education is available in biology, computer science, engineering, technology, and mathematical sciences.

A professionally oriented program is also available in English in which they acquire skills in critical and analytical thinking. The program in Organizational Leadership offers specialties in leadership and human resources. Advanced certificate programs are available in a number of areas including statistics, public management, teaching English as a second language, and organizational leadership. Additional programs are always under development to meet the ever-growing and ever-changing needs of the community.

The Purdue Fort Wayne Office of Graduate Studies is here to serve its students and its community.


Carol S. Sternberger, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Studies 

 Graduate Degree and Certificate Programs

Graduate degree and certificate programs appear below and are fully described in Programs . Additional programs are under development. Contact the Office of Graduate Studies for the most recent information.






  Applied Computer Science     Master of Science
  Applied Statistics     Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics
  Biology     Master of Science
  Business     Master of Business Administration
  Education     Master of Science in Education

Educational Leadership
Special Education

  Engineering     Master of Science in Engineering

Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Systems Engineering

        Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering
  English     Master of Arts
        Master of Arts for Teachers
        Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a New Language
  Mathematical Sciences     Master of Science
        Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics
        Master of Arts in Teaching
  Organizational Leadership   Master of Science

Human Resources

        Graduate Certificate in Leadership
  Professional Communication     Master of Arts
Master of Science
  Public Administration     Master of Public Public Administration

Health Systems Administration and Policy
Public Administration and Policy
Nonprofit Management

  Technology     Master of Science

Information Technology/Advanced Computer Applications
Industrial Technology/Manufacturing


Accreditation. Purdue Fort Wayne is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Information about  accreditation is available from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Kettler Hall, Room 169, 260- 481-6116).

Graduation and persistence rates. Graduation and persistence rate information for Purdue Fort Wayne is available in Admissions and the Registrar’s office.

Affiliation with Purdue University. Purdue University Fort Wayne is a campus of Purdue University.

 Graduate Admission at Purdue University Fort Wayne

To be formally accepted as a graduate student at Purdue University Fort Wayne students are eligible to register for graduate classes. For admission to programs offered through Purdue University, apply online at  Admission applications may be obtained from the Purdue University Fort Wayne Office of Graduate Studies, Graduate Admissions Coordinator, KT 258, 260-418-6145, or from the Purdue University Fort Wayne college, school, division, or department that offers the program you wish to enter.

Classification of applicants.  We have only two classifications:

  • Regular which includes degree seeking and re-entry
  • Non-degree seeking which includes non-degree seeking, temporary and visiting applicants

Regular admission. Individuals are classified as an applicant for regular admission if they are seeking admission into an Purdue University Fort Wayne graduate degree program.

Successful candidates for regular graduate admission include promising applicants who: 1) have earned baccalaureate degrees from colleges or universities of recognized standing; 2) have completed studies equivalent to those required of Indiana University or Purdue University baccalaureate recipients; and 3) have earned a B or better average in their undergraduate major. Regular admission, with specific conditions, may be available if you do not meet the above criteria. Some graduate programs at Purdue University Fort Wayne may impose higher or more specific criteria and may require you to provide additional evidence of previous academic performance (Colleges ).

After students furnish all required information and related documents, applications will be considered by the academic unit that offers the program. For some graduate programs at Purdue University Fort Wayne, the application will also be considered by the Purdue University Graduate School, or another office responsible for admission to the selected program.

Completed applications for regular admission and all required supporting materials have deadlines that vary. Contact your program office for deadline information.

Students must reapply for admission if they do not enroll within two years of their admission semester/session.

Graduate Record Examination. Degree-seeking applicants should take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) if they: (1) are seeking admission to a program that requires it (Colleges ); (2) wish to be considered for certain fellowship opportunities; (3) believe their previous academic record does not adequately reflect your abilities; (4) received a baccalaureate degree from a non-accredited institution; or (5) elect to use the GRE Aptitude Test as a means to document proficiency in English.

English language proficiency.  The language of instruction at Purdue University Fort Wayne is English. Therefore, proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English is vital to a students academic success. If the native language is not English, students must provide evidence of their English language ability at the time of application for admission. Normally this is done by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and submitting the results as part of the admission application. Additional requirements for demonstrating English language proficiency after admission is stated in Regulations  of this Graduate catalog (“Academic Regulations for Graduate Students”).

Non-degree admission. Students are considered an applicant for non-degree (temporary) admission if they: 1) have earned a baccalaureate or advanced degree; 2) do not intend to pursue another  degree; and 3) are seeking only personal or professional enrichment. Students must be prepared to demonstrate that they have the necessary preparation for any course(s) in which you wish to enroll and may be required to obtain approval from the course instructors.

Students may later seek regular admission and request that courses completed while in non-degree admission status be considered for application toward a degree. The applicability of these courses will be determined by the college, school, division, or department that offers the program you are seeking, and typically no more than 12 credits will be considered.

Visiting students. An individual who is a graduate student in good standing at another accredited graduate school, may apply for one semester’s admission as a visiting non-degree student. Graduate students from institutional members of the CIC consortium may be visiting students for up to one year. Under the above circumstances, the Purdue University Fort Wayne Graduate Admissions office will assist with the application.

Re-entry. Individuals are considered an applicant for re-entry if: 1) they previously were regularly admitted to an Purdue University Fort Wayne graduate program, have not registered for classes at Purdue University Fort Wayne for more than one year or at a Purdue University campus for more than one semester, and wish to resume their studies in the program in which they were last enrolled; or 2) previously were admitted to an Purdue University Fort Wayne graduate program in a non-degree classification, have not attended Purdue University Fort Wayne for more than one year, still meet the criteria for non-degree graduate admission status, and wish to resume their studies under this classification.

An individual must file a re-entry application at the Purdue University Fort Wayne Graduate Admissions office. The re-entry application will be subject to approval under applicable admission and academic policies of the Purdue University Fort Wayne graduate program in which they were last enrolled.