Oct 21, 2021  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

What’s New?

Listed below are academic changes that have been made after the 2018-2019 PFW University catalog was published due to legislation or accreditation. Please see your advisor if you have any questions.


Popular Music B.S.M. - The following Popular Music Core course options have been expanded to provide students with additional flexibility:

  • MUSC 18101 - Popular Music Theory, Analysis And Application I Cr. 3. Or MUSC 11300 Music Theory I Cr. 3
  • MUSC 18102 - Popular Music Theory, Analysis And Application II Cr.3. Or MUSC 11400 Music Theory II Cr. 3
  • MUSC 28201 - Popular Music Theory, Analysis And Application III Cr. 3. Or MUSC 21300 Music Theory III Cr. 3
  • MUSC 28202 - Popular Music Theory, Analysis And Application IV Cr. 3. Or MUSC 21400 Music Theory IV Cr. 3

Interior Design B.S. - Change in course effective Fall 2018:

  • AD 15200 replaces AD 20402 (Introduction To 3-D Design) in the First Year Design course area.

Information Technology B.S. - Major Core Course change effective Fall 2018:

  • ITC 43000 ( Mobile Application Development) replaces ITC 49900 (VT-Information Technology Topics)

Secondary Education - Second Degree - Biochemistry, BS Major added effective Fall 2018:

  • Biochemistry has been added to the list of primary majors available to students pursing a Secondary Education double degree.  Biochemistry majors will follow the guidelines outlined in the School of Education section of the catalog.  The 3.0 major GPA for Biochemistry majors will be calculated as outlined for Biology, Chemistry and Physics in the School of Education  section of the catalog.




Department Changes - Effective Fall 2018:

  • Accounting and Finance - changing to Accounting
  • Economics - changing to Economics and Finance


Course Changes - Effective Spring 2019:

  • CHHS 10600 Medical Terminology (Nursing department) - changed to HSRV 10600 (Human Services department)
  • CHHS 30300 Interdisciplinary Healthcare In Gerontology (Nursing department) - changed to HSRV 30300 (Human Services department)


Course Change - Effective Fall 2018:

  • ENGL 36401 changed to 46401