Jan 23, 2021  
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog

Public Administration (M.P.A.)

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Program:  Master of Public Administration
Department of Public Policy  
College of Professional Studies

Neff Hall Bldg. Rm. 260

The MPA is an interdisciplinary professional program structured around concepts and skills essential to management, policy and planning activities within governmental, quasi-governmental and not-for-profit organizations.

The course of study requires completion of 39 credit hours with four components:

  • (1) core requirements; (2) concentration requirements; (3) the experiential requirement; and (4) one elective.
  • The MPA core requirements (21 credits) include courses that are designed to provide foundation-level knowledge that is applicable to general public management and therefore function as an appropriate context for all concentrations.
  • The two concentrations require 12 credit hours each and cover Public Administration and Policy as well as Nonprofit Management.

Public Administration and Policy: Credits 12

Quantitative and qualitative skills are developed in the context of this concentration that are necessary for public and not-for-profit management. Particular emphasis is placed on political, organizational, and economic analysis.

Nonprofit Management: Credits 12

Important policies, perspectives and issues germane to the nonprofit sector are examined. Particular emphasis is placed on fund development, grant administration and management.

Experiential Component: Credit 3

Each MPA student must complete the 3 credit hour experiential component. Students with at least one year of full-time management and/or policy experience can apply for an exemption. Students who do not meet this criterion must take PPOL 58500 Practicum in Public Affairs for 3 credit hours.

Elective: Credit 3

Public Administration courses may be completed to satisfy the elective requirement. The director of graduate studies must approve other Purdue Fort Wayne graduate courses.

Total Credits: 39

Student Responsibility

You are responsible for satisfying the graduation requirements specified for your selected program.  Thus, it is essential that you develop a thorough understanding of the required courses, academic policies and procedures governing your academic career.  All requests for exceptions to specific requirements must be made in writing and may be granted only by written approval from the Graduate Director.

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