Oct 20, 2021  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin [Archived Catalog]

Physics B.S. with Concentration in Engineering

Program: B.S.
Department of Physics
College of Arts and Sciences

Kettler Hall 126B ~ 260-481-6306 ~ ipfw.edu/physics/

This concentration is for students who wish to combine engineering skills with scientific thinking and scientific skills.  It can lead to a career in industry and is also a background for pursuing graduate education in physics, engineering, medical physics, or law.

Students choosing this concentration must specify either Electrical Engineering (EE) or Mechanical Engineering (ME) or Civil Engineering (CE) concentration.

IPFW General Education Requirements Credits: 33

See Part 2 General Education Requirements for approved courses 

College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

English Writing and Speaking

  • See Arts and Sciences Part A for Speaking requirement 

Foreign Language

  • Requirement in Arts and Sciences Part B Credits: 8

Total Credits: 120