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2012-2013 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Bulletin [Archived Catalog]

Nursing (RN - B.S.)

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Program: RN B.S.
Department of Nursing
College of Health and Human Services

Liberal Arts Room 345~ 260-481-6816 ~

The student learning outcomes for the degree are as follows:

  • Validate professionalism through awareness, assertiveness, accountability, and advocacy.
  • Critique leadership skills in directing healthcare activities: influencing and adapting to change.
  • Evaluate complex issues/problems in the healthcare arena using critical thinking skills.
  • Integrate the delivery of culturally competent nursing care in a variety of settings through the utilization of the Neuman Systems Model, other theories, and research.
  • Justify effective, therapeutic, culturally sensitive communication techniques that are appropriate for the situation and audience.
  • Evaluate the impact of generated information on healthcare outcomes.

Career Steps

The Bachelor of Science completion (RN-BS) curriculum is uniquely designed for associate degree or diploma registered nurses, working full or part-time, who wish to step up to baccalaureate degree. It is designed to meet the student’s professional goals in a flexible environment. Included in the program are two clinical practicums in a variety of acute, long-term, and community settings. Advising is personalized.

Nursing Program Admission Criteria

Admission into the RN–B.S. nursing program requires that the applicant be a graduate of a state-accredited associate degree or diploma program in nursing and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3 on a 4.0 scale. A current Indiana nursing license is required prior to taking the first clinical nursing course.

Credit required from the lower division includes:

  • 34 credits nursing
  • 15 credits in biological and physical sciences - must include 3 credits of chemistry
  • 3 credits written communication skills (english). 
  • 6 credits behavioral sciences (psychology & sociology or anthropology).

Program Requirements

Credits from the A.S. in nursing: 58

Supporting Courses Credits: 18

  • Communication at the 30000-40000 level Credits: 3
  • General Education IV: Humanistic Thought Credits: 6
  • General Education V: Creative and Artistic Expression Credits: 3
  • General Education VI: Inquiry and Analysis Credits: 3 

Total Credits: 59

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