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Undergraduate Bulletin 2006-2008 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2006-2008 [Archived Catalog]

Advanced Microprocessors Certificate

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Program: Certificate
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
College of Engineering Technology, and Computer Science

Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science Building 221 ~ 260-481-6338 ~ www.ecet.ipfw.edu

The certificate program in advanced microprocessors provides the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to enable you to use microprocessors in industrial applications. Some highlights of the course sequence include introduction to and use of Visual Basic in electronic simulations and calculations; theoretical and laboratory applications of digital logic circuits, operational amplifiers, D/A and A/D converters, computer memory circuits; microprocessor assembly language programming; EEPROM and EPROM programming; microprocessors and microcontrollers; experimental applications; and applied, practical projects. Special emphasis is placed on embedded systems using microcontrollers.

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, you will understand the operation of microprocessors; be able to design and construct a microprocessor-based circuit; be able to program a microprocessor in assembly language, Visual Basic, or C; and be able to use your designed circuit to control or monitor the operation of an industrial process.

The ECET department also offers the Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science with a major in electrical engineering technology, and a Bachelor of Science with a major in computer engineering technology (CPET). In addition to the degrees, the department offers a minor in electronics and certificate programs in computer-controlled systems, electronic communications, power electronics systems, and computer networking.

To earn the certificate in advanced microprocessors, you must satisfy the requirements of IPFW (see Part 7), fulfill all course prerequisites, and satisfactorily complete the following courses. This certificate is not available to any student with a major in EET (A.S. and/or B.S.) or CPET (B.S.).

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