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Undergraduate Bulletin 2006-2008 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2006-2008 [Archived Catalog]

Radiography (A.S.)

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Program: A.S.R.
School of Health Sciences

Neff Hall 142 ~ 260-481-6967

The radiography program encompasses both university courses and professional education. Professional education in radiography is a combination of classroom instruction and clinical experience. Under the supervision of radiologists and registered radiographers, you will progress from observing to assisting, and subsequently, to conducting radiographic examinations. In this manner, you will immediately utilize the theories and concepts presented in the classroom. The clinical experience associated with the professional-education portion of the program is conducted in the radiology departments of St. Joseph Hospital and Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne.

All university prerequisite courses must be completed to be eligible for admission into the program. Applicants may be in the process of meeting the criteria when they apply for admission. Math and BIOL 203/204 prerequisite courses must have been completed within five years of admission to the professional program. Special circumstances will be evaluated by the admissions committee. Students must achieve a grade of C or better in math and in Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or better in all prerequisite course work. Admission to this program is competitive and based on prerequisite GPA, personal interview, reference forms, and admission testing. Completion of course work alone does not ensure admission. You must apply directly to the directors of the Radiography Program at the Fort Wayne School of Radiography before March 1 for Summer II admission to the professional program.

To earn the A.S. in radiography, you must fulfill the requirements of IPFW (see Part 7) and the School of Health Sciences (see Part 3), and complete the following courses. Where school or department regulations are stricter than IPFW regulations, the stricter regulations apply. Students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 in the professional-education courses with a minimum grade of C in all courses. You must also consult a program director at the Fort Wayne School of Radiography to discuss admission to the program, 260-425-3990.

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