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Graduate Bulletin 2007-09 
Graduate Bulletin 2007-09 [Archived Catalog]

School of Education

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Academic Regulations The following academic regulations supplement those that apply to all Indiana University graduate students.

Second Master’s Degree Credits applied to one master’s degree may not be applied toward another.

Pass/Not-Pass Option You may use this option for up to four elective courses applied toward your degree. You may not choose this option for courses in your major or minor, or for required courses in an area in which you seek teacher certification.

Transfer Credit Different rules apply prior to and after admission to the program:

Before You Are Admitted to a Graduate Program The school will determine whether credits earned at other institutions will apply toward your degree.

After You Have Been Admitted to a Graduate Program Pending their availability, it is expected that professional education courses required for your degree or certification in an endorsement area will be completed at IPFW. Applicability of credit for a course taken elsewhere should be confirmed by the school prior to your enrollment in that course. “Transfer Credit Request” forms are available in the school office.

Generally, up to 6 credits may be accepted for transfer by the school if (1) the credits were earned from an accredited institution, (2) the courses taken are appropriate to your degree objective, (3) your post-baccalaureate cumulative GPA and transfer credits GPA are both 3.0 or better, and (4) the courses you have taken are eligible for graduate credit. To receive transfer credit, you must provide the School of Education with an official transcript and institutional certification that the courses were taken for graduate credit.

Up to 15 credits from Ball State, Indiana State, and Purdue universities may be accepted for transfer by the school, subject to the general transfer credit provisions listed above.

Correspondence and Activity Credits Correspondence or activity course credits are not applicable toward your degree.

Workshop and Conference Credits You may apply up to 6 workshop and/or conference credits toward your degree. A course that is not scheduled for 16 weeks during the fall or spring semester or 6 weeks during the summer semester may be defined as a workshop or conference course.

Distance Education The application of distance education courses to a graduate degree program are subject to approval of faculty of the program providing the degree.

Resident Credits You must complete at least 21 credits at IPFW.

Retention You must maintain a GPA of 3.0 (4.0=A) or better for all work (including undergraduate courses) taken after completing your bachelor’s degree. If your GPA falls below 3.0, you must raise the GPA to at least 3.0 within the next 9 credits of graduate course work. Failure to do so will result in your dismissal from the program.

If you have been dismissed from the program, you may seek readmission by petitioning the chair of the school’s student affairs committee. The committee will consider your petition and report its findings to the dean for action.

Time Limit You must fulfill all degree requirements within six years and one semester from the date on which you receive a grade for the first credits (including transfer credits) that apply to your degree.

Graduation Requirements You must have satisfied any conditions on your admission to the graduate education program before you will be considered as a candidate for graduation. In addition, you must have (1) earned a minimum of 36 credits (including at least 30 at the graduate level), (2) earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in courses applicable to the degree, and (3) fulfilled all additional degree requirements and complied with all academic regulations.

Application for Degree You must complete an application for your degree.

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