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Graduate Bulletin 2007-09 
Graduate Bulletin 2007-09 [Archived Catalog]


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Nursing Administration

 Department of Nursing
College of Health and Human Services
Carol Sternberger, Chair
Katherine Willcock, Graduate Program Director
260-481-6284 ~ www.ipfw.edu/nursing ~ Neff Hall B50

Advisory Committee

Each candidate for a master’s degree is assigned an advisory committee consisting of three members. The director of the nursing administration program serves as the major advisor and chair of the advisory committee. Other committee members include a student-designated professor and the chair of the Department of Nursing. This committee prepares and approves the plan of study (described below), advises, and assists in thesis development when applicable.

Plan of Study

Students pursuing a master’s degree should have a preliminary plan of study on file prior to the initial registration. The plan of study identifies a primary area that lists specific courses and all other requirements of the degree. The formal plan of study is approved by the advisory committee, including the chair of the Department of Nursing, and must be submitted to the Graduate School before the final semester of enrollment.

Transfer Credit

Up to 49 percent of required credits for this degree may be accepted in transfer if not already applied toward another degree. No more than 12 graduate credits earned in a nondegree status will be counted toward the degree. At least 50 percent of the required credits for the degree must be earned at IPFW.


A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale is required through completion of the program.

Time Limitations

Special permission is required for students to continue in the program beyond five consecutive years.


It is the student’s responsibility to apply for the master’s degree. Applications must be received by the Department of Nursing by Sept. 1 for May graduation, Jan. 1 for August graduation, and May 1 for December graduation.


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