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Undergraduate Bulletin 2006-2008 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2006-2008 [Archived Catalog]

Visual Arts/Visual Communication and Design Program

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Department of Visual Arts, VCD Program
School of Visual and Performing Arts

Visual Arts Building 213 ~ 260-481-6709 ~

The mission of the Department of Visual Arts is to educate its students and the community in art, design, and appropriate technologies. Students may pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentrations in computer art, graphic design, and photography. A two-year program of study, an Associate of Science in commercial art, is also offered.

Both the B.F.A. and A.S. programs include general education, art/design history, and visual communication and design courses.

Special Academic Regulations

To ensure that degree-seeking students are guaranteed priority registration in their classes, the following policies will be observed:

  1. Students who are not progressing toward completion of degree requirements, including students who have graduated but wish to continue a program of study, will be reclassified as nondegreeseeking. These students’ registrations will not be processed until the final week before the beginning of each semester. This policy will allow these students an opportunity to avail themselves of classroom opportunities when space is available.
  2. All 400-level studio courses may be repeated up to a maximum of 18 credits. This long-standing policy is based upon the rationale that six semesters of study at that level in one discipline is sufficient for undergraduate training.
  3. Independent-study courses are available for students with at least junior standing to pursue studio interests not served in other course offerings. Independent-study courses may be arranged with the appropriate faculty member on the basis of a viable course of study, a reasonable load for the instructor, and space availability. Priority will be given to degree-seeking students and to classes with regularly scheduled meetings.
  4. Prerequisites for 200-level and above studio courses may be waived by the appropriate instructor during the week before classes begin, contingent upon space availability.
  5. Internships are available for students with at least junior standing to pursue learning opportunities in professional situations. Students may receive up to 6 credit hours for such experiential learning. Documentation concerning internship requirements can be found in the Department of Visual Arts office.

Credit Transfer

If a student transfers studio credits from another college or university, he/she may be admitted to the B.F.A. program upon successful portfolio presentation. To earn the B.F.A. at IPFW, the student must fulfill all remaining requirements and complete a minimum of 24 credits of upper-division studio work at IPFW.

Time Limit

If a student does not complete degree requirements within seven years of matriculation, he/she may be required to meet the degree requirements specified in the current Bulletin.

Student Handbook

A departmental student handbook, consisting of policies and regulations of the Department of Visual Arts, has been prepared as a guide for students. This handbook, available in the department office, provides detailed information about responsibilities and a sample curriculum for each degree. All VCD majors are expected to be familiar with the contents of this handbook.

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