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Undergraduate Bulletin 2008-2009 
Undergraduate Bulletin 2008-2009 [Archived Catalog]

CS 203 - Advanced Visual Basic

This course continues the study of Visual Basic begun in CS 114/ ECET 114. Topics to be covered include reading and writing of sequential and direct files; custom controls; advanced SQL; the creation of online help; object linking and embedding (OLE): calling DLL procedures (Windows API); class modules; and an introduction to ActiveX components. Student will learn the skills needed to create stand-alone and www-based Visual Basic applications for personal computer use. This course will provide guidance in preparing for the Microsoft Certified Systems Designer examination.

Preparation for Course
P: 114 or ECET 114.

Cr. 3.
If you are majoring in this discipline, you may want to consider the Science and Engineering Research Semester. See information under Arts and Sciences (Part 3).