May 21, 2019  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Music (B.S.M.) Popular Music with Concentration in Songwriting/Performance or Recording/Production

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Program: Popular Music BSM
School of Music  
College of Visual and Performing Arts

Rhinehart Music Center 144 ~ 260-481-6714

Student learning outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of popular music theory sufficient to analyze musical forms, structures, and styles; to create within basic musical structures; and to relate theoretical concepts to sound.
  • Students will demonstrate performance ability as ensemble members, as soloists on both a primary instrument and a secondary instrument.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of popular music styles with an understanding of the social, political and cultural impacts that shaped musical development. 
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in utilizing appropriate technology to notate and create music, to investigate and report scholarly research, and to support the specific demands of their professional degrees.

Students pursuing the Songwriting and Performance Concentration:

  • Will demonstrate competency in commercial songwriting, with focus on composing music and lyrics within various popular music genres.

Students pursuing the Recording and Production Concentration:

  • Will demonstrate competency in the recording and production of music including live sound and the interface between music and video.

Students in this degree are subject to the policies for all music degrees found on the Music department page. 


  • Programs offered by the department are fully accredited and under review by the National Association of Schools of Music.

Program Delivery:  

  • This major is offered on campus.

General Requirements:

General Education Requirements: Credits 33

Category B4:  Scientific Ways of Knowing Cr. 3.

Category B6:  Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing Cr. 6.

Popular Music Performance Studies: Credits 28

Applied Primary Cr. 12.

Applied Secondary (choose from):

Performance Ensemble:  Credits 14

Performance Class:

Senior Seminar: Credits 3

Required course:

Media Production: Credits 6

Required courses:

Grade Requirements:

  • Grades. Music majors must complete each required music course with a grade of C- or better and with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher for all required music courses. Two unsuccessful attempts to attain a grade of C- or better in the same required music course will result in dismissal from the School of Music. 
  • Exceptions to academic policies require a written request to the music faculty in consultation with the student’s advisor.

Total Credits: 120

Student Responsibility

You are responsible for satisfying the graduation requirements specified for your selected program.  Thus, it is essential that you develop a thorough understanding of the required courses, academic policies and procedures governing your academic career.  All requests for exceptions to specific requirements must be made in writing and may be granted only by written approval from the appropriate chair or dean.

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